Express delivery , fast – Vehicles dedicated

Urgent transport, rapid or express part of our proven expertise. Bespoke and responsiveness are the watchwords of SENA TRANSPORT LOGISTICS . We reply you as soon as possible .

Urgent requests , special or atypical ? Our flexibility is at your service.

To meet your requirements , SENA TRANSPORT LOGISTICS offers adapted vehicles :

  •     Light vehicles / Trucks
  •     Temperature-controlled vehicles
  •     Vehicles with tail lift
  •     Implementation of appropriate equipment : straps, tarpaulins , movie …
  •     Taking into account the value of your goods with suitable handling and if you want, adequate insurance .

Depending on your requirements we can: packaging , repackaging , crate , insulate , protect your goods, etc. .

To transport your goods in a tight deadline or urgent , SENA TRANSPORT LOGISTICS sets up for you a relay drivers, to meet the regulatory time line ( CSR).