SENA TRANSPORT LOGISTICS offers several modes of payment so that you can choose the one that suits you for the settlement of our services. It comes to:

  • Bank transfer.
  • Secure payment Western Union.
  • Secure payment MoneyGram
  • Payment online by credit card
  • Mandate Cash urgently in France

Here are the details concerning these types of payments:

Bank transfer

The Bank is an operation allowing the transfer of a sum of money from one account to another account. A bank transfer is always initiated by the holder of the account receivable (also known as the sender).

Secure payment Western Union

Western Union allows anyone to send or to receive fast money internationally. Western Union is a means of payment secure, efficient and serious. There are 120,000 agencies Western Union available in more than 190 countries.


Learn how to send money from one of the 347 000 agencies MoneyGram worldwide. We offer you an easy way to make quick and reliable transfers. To begin, choose the type of service tailored to your needs, calculate shipping costs, and then find an agency near you.

Online payment by credit card

You can pay your bill online safely and very fast delivery. Please register on one of the secure services of Western Union and MoneyGram partner sites, and follow the instructions.

Mandate Cash Urgent (only in France)

Mandate Cash Urgent to quickly transfer species up to 1500 € (2) to an individual. The funds are available immediately.

Simple: no need to bank account to send and receive species.
Fast: payment is immediate everywhere in France. Simply communicate the confidential number to the recipient.
Reliable: with the “proof of payment” option you get proof of payment.