specialist of the transport chain

SENA TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS  is located in Saint Apollinaire, near Dijon , in Burgundy. Our company manages and optimizes the transport of your goods in France , Europe and abroad . Specialist road transport, maritime transport and logistics , we master your entire transportation chain, from shipping to delivery.

Our job is to provide you with a professional solution for transport and logistics , taking into account the place of removal and delivery , the type of goods, your time constraints , budget, and all logistics specifics related to your transportation in order to achieve optimal performance .

a team of transportation professionals

The effectiveness of SENA TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS based on a dual jurisdiction :

  •     Expertise : our national and international coverage , our partner networks spanning the globe , and our control regulations of each country
  •     Know -being: the personalized management of your files , an interlocutor, mobilizing our expert teams .

To meet your needs, SENA TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS you in all stages of logistics. We take care of your goods , we can store, repackage , and of course indulge your recipients that they are in France , Europe and worldwide . If you wish , we manage all the paperwork .

Our clients are small businesses, SME, Corporates, Multinationals … in many sectors. With the exception of petroleum products, we take care of all your goods : manufactured goods, materials , construction, housing, agriculture , food , health, leisure , office , cultural products, etc. .

Our company offers for import and export :

  •     A Road Transport Department
  •     Maritime transport services
  •     Spanish English, French, ..: a multilingual team