Your transport France

You have requirements , specifications for your transport to France? SENA TRANSPORT ET LOGISTICS provides a quick , effective solution , the more accurate your budget.
national transport in France full

SENA TRANSPORT ET LOGISTICS offers weekly routes from Dijon , Cote d’Or ( 21) or Burgundy, to all parts of the French territory :

  •     Brittany
  •     Rhône -Alpes
  •     North
  •     center
  •     Paris region
  •     South of France

We also handle all your transportation requests , whatever the cities of departure and destination cities .

Seat SENA TRANSPORT ET LOGISTICS is located in Dijon, eastern France region . This geographical position favors freight from all European countries to a redistribution in whole France .
all volumes, types of transport

We ship your merchandise unique palette full truck.

According to your specifications, but also depending on the type of your goods (weight, volume, value … ) , we will advise the user of paratransit (email, pallets, part lot , batch or full dedicated transport vehicle ) : light vehicle, truck , semi -trailer, truck, innkeeper , refrigerated vehicle , vehicle equipped with tail lifts or specific vehicle.